2012 - 2015 Strategic Plan


NAEA is recognized as the premier organization powering enrolled agents – America’s tax experts


To advance the recognition of enrolled agents and to enhance the professional growth of its members through promotion, member support, advocacy and education.


NAEA is dedicated to powering enrolled agents through promotion, advocacy, education and support of its members.


  • Adhere to high ethical standards
  • Promote professionalism
  • Advocate for the enrolled agent (EA) credential
  • Promote competency through licensure and education
  • Engage in visionary thinking
  • Respect diversity
  • Meet Member needs
  • Support sound tax policy and taxpayer rights
  • Practice knowledge-based governance



Goal Area #1 – Recognition of enrolled agents (EAs)
Strategy – Enrolled agents (EAs) are recognized by the public as America’s tax

Strategic Initiatives/Objectives:

A.) Expand public recognition of enrolled agents (EAs) as America's tax experts
B.) Empower members to promote themselves to the public as America's tax experts

Goal Area #2 – Member and Affiliate Services
Strategy – NAEA will provide meaningful member benefits and support its affiliates

Strategic Initiatives/Objectives:

A.) Increase the value of membership by providing and promoting benefits for members and affiliates
B.) Provide exceptional customer service to members and affiliates
C.) Increase the number of members

Goal Area #3 – Advocacy
Strategy – NAEA is recognized as the voice of enrolled agents and advocates for the profession

Strategic Initiatives/Objectives:

A.) Promote NAEA as the voice of enrolled agents and advocate for the profession
B.) Increase NAEA's influence in tax administration and tax policy
C.) Influence federal oversight of paid return preparers
D.) Advocate for codification of the enrolled agent credential

Goal Area #4 – Education
Strategy – NAEA will offer professional education

Strategic Initiatives/Objectives:

A.) Expand opportunities for education in representation, tax preparation and practice management
B.) Promote programs to help tax professionals become enrolled agents
C.) Increase educational resources for state affiliates

Goal Area #5 – Organizational/Infrastructure and Financial Security
Strategy – NAEA will be organizationally stable and financially sound

Strategic Initiatives/Objectives:

A.) Ensure NAEA continues to be organizationally stable and financially sound
B.) Improve, expand, and promote NAEA’s technological competency

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