Award Winners

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The Founders Award

The Founders Award recognizes significant leadership and contributions and service to NAEA and its members and whose leadership exemplifies the principles and goals envisioned by the association's founders. This lifetime achievement award is the association's highest recognition bestowed on a member.

2015 Recipient William D. "Bill" Payne, EA (posthumous)
2014 Recipient Sandra Martin, EA (NY)
2013 Recipient Sherrill Trovato, EA, USTCP (CA)
2012 Recipient Terry Durkin, EA (MA)
2011 Recipient Larry Liptscher, EA (NY)
2010 Recipient Steven E. Rodgers (NV) (posthumous)
2009 Recipient Patricia L. Schmick, EA (WA)
2008 Recipient Diana M. Thompson, EA (OH)
2007 Recipient Not awarded
2006 Recipient Francis X. Degen, EA, USTCP (NY)
2005 Recipient Faye Touchet, EA (LA)
2004 Recipient Kirby L. Robinson, EA (CA)
2003 Recipient Leslie Shapiro, EA (DC)
2002 Recipient E. Ann Shroll, EA (FL)
2001 Recipient Judith Akin, EA (OK)
2000 Recipient Not Awarded
1999 Recipient Beanna Whitlock, EA (TX)
1998 Recipient Joe Lane, EA (CA)
1997 Recipient Mary E. McGuire, EA (NY)
1996 Recipient Jack Robishaw, EA (CA)
1995 Recipient Claudia A. Hill, EA (CA)
1994 Recipient Laurence O. Spector, EA (PA)
1993 Recipient Sharon-Kay Flynn, EA (MA)
1992 Recipient Nancy Nesbitt, EA (CA)
1991 Recipient Marjorie J. Joder, EA (FL)
1990 Recipient Rollen F. Campbell, EA (CA)
1989 Recipient David J. Silverman, EA (NY)
1988 Recipient Ray Goetting, EA (MN)
1987 Recipient Syd Schuldiner, EA (CA)
1986 Recipients Patricia Burton, EA (CT)
Bryan Gates, EA (FL)
Leah K. Herzberg, EA (CA)
1985 Recipients James Hopkins, EA (MD)
Bess B. Messmer, EA (VA)

The Excellence in Education Award

The Excellence in Education Award is to recognize significant contributions having immediate and/or long-term impact on the quality and scope of NAEA education programs.

2015 Recipient Alan Pinck, EA (CA)
2014 Recipient Jeffrey Schneider, EA (FL)
2013 Recipient Patricia Jenkins, EA (NM)
2012 Recipient L.G. Brooks, EA (TX)
2011 Recipient Catherine A. Clow, EA (CA)
2010 Recipient Janet Hemmerle, EA (AZ)
2009 Recipient Anne T. Arms, EA (CA)
2008 Recipient Diana Velasco (LA)
2007 Recipients Bryan & Jean Gates, EAs (FL)
2006 Recipients David Mellem, EA (WI)
Mickey Reedy, EA (CA)
2005 Recipient Patricia Logan, EA (TX)
2004 Recipient Sherrill Trovato, EA, USTCP (CA)
2003 Recipient Nancy Goedecke, EA (MA)
2002 Recipient Patricia Schmick, EA (WA)
2001 Recipient Robert McKenzie, EA (IL)
2000 Recipient Phillip Benoit, CPA (NY)
1999 Recipient Mary McGuire, EA (NY)
1998 Recipient Iris Kelley, EA (Deceased)
1997 Recipient Jerry Riles, EA (LA)
1996 Recipient Carol Thompson, EA (CA)
1995 Recipient Steven E. Rodgers, EA (NV)
1994 Recipient Joseph F. Lane, EA (CA)
1993 Recipient Henry C. Klein, EA (HI)
1992 Recipient Not awarded
1991 Recipient Gary Shelton, EA (Deceased)
1990 Recipients NTPI Teaching Fellows:
Herbert Burton, EA (CT)
Patricia Burton, EA (CT)
Barton Goodeve, EA (NH)
Robert Hersh, EA (CA)
Mary Javor, EA (MI)
Nancy Ott, EA (CA)
Marilyn Ratliff, EA (CA)
Jim Reed, EA (CA)
1989 Recipient Claudia Hill, EA (CA)
1988 Recipient Bryan Gates, EA (FL)

The Excellence in Public Awareness Award

The Excellence in Public Awareness Award is to acknowledge the contributions having immediate and/or long-term impact on making "Enrolled Agents" and "EA" more readily recognized nationally, regionally, or locally as the tax professional of choice.

2015 Recipient Arizona Society of Enrolled Agents (AzSEA)
2014 Recipients
Jean Nelsen, EA (CA);
Andy Stadler, EA (IN)
2013 Recipient Ana Magda Guillen, EA (FL)
2012 Recipient Kathy M. Rocha, EA (CA)
2011 Recipient William "Bill" Stevenson, EA (NY)
2010 Recipient Ellen Campbell, EA (AZ)
2009 Recipient Eva Rosenberg, EA (CA)
2008 Recipient Jennifer MacMillan, EA (CA)
2007 Recipient Lynn Schmidt, EA (FL)
2006 Recipient Linda Ruckel, EA (NM)
2005 Recipient David Kinser, EA (FL)
2004 Recipient James Leimbach, EA (FL)
2003 Recipient Douglas Boudreaux, EA (LA)
2002 Recipients Martin Stein, EA (NJ)
Ben Jones, EA (MS)
Ana Magda Guillen, EA (FL)
2001 Recipient Francis X. Degen, EA (NY)
2000 Recipient Carol Thompson, EA (CA)

The Mentor of the Year Award

The Mentor of the Year Award is given to a member who has contributed significantly and is dedicated to the causes of enrolled agents and who instills excitement for those causes by his or her leadership, encouragement, and nurturing of their fellow agents.

2014 Recipient Rose Fulton, EA (CA)
2013 Recipient Gary Anspach, EA (CA)
2012 Recipient Not awarded
2011 Recipient Sherrill Trovato, EA, USTCP (CA)
2010 Recipient Nancy E. Goedecke, EA (MA)
2009 Recipient Lorraine L. Sorgman, EA (MA)
2008 Recipient Marty Stein, EA (NJ)
2007 Recipient Faye Touchet, EA (LA)
2006 Recipient Diana M. Thompson, EA (OH)
2005 Recipient Mary McGuire, EA (NY)
2004 Recipient Francis X. Degen, EA (NY)
2003 Recipient Sharon-Kay Flynn, EA (MA)
2002 Recipient Kirby Robinson, EA (CA)
2001 Recipient Aaron Jim Reames, EA (VA) (Deceased)
2000 Recipient Eduardo Leiseca, EA (FL)

The Outstanding Volunteer Award 

The Outstanding Volunteer Award recognizes volunteers for their service to the association, affiliates, and/or their local chapter.

2015 Recipient Hart Fetsko, EA (OH)
2014 Recipient Deborah Cope, EA (TX)
2013 Recipient Victoria McGinn, EA (NY)
2012 Recipient Lee Byrd, EA (KY)
2011 Recipient Marti Myers-Garver, EA (NV)
2010 Recipient Jerry L. Joyce, EA (FL)
2009 Recipient David M. Levine, EA (NV)
2008 Recipients Connie Ferrell, EA (CA)
Jill Mendenhall, EA CA)
2007 Recipient William Matesevac, EA (PA)
2006 Recipient Not awarded
2005 Recipient Sherry Loop, EA (VA)
2004 Recipient Jerry Joyce, EA (FL)
2003 Recipient Mary L. Javor, EA (MI)
2002 Recipient Elizabeth (Betsey) Buckingham, EA (OH)
2001 Recipient Carol Halvorson, EA (MN)
2000 Recipient Sandra March, EA (CA)

The Outstanding Supporter of EAs Award 

Outstanding Supporter of EAs Award is to recognize significant contributions by non-NAEA organizations or individuals who are not enrolled agents having immediate and/or long-term impact on making "Enrolled Agents" and "EA" more readily recognizable nationally, regionally, or locally as the tax professionals of choice.

2015 Recipient Frank Agostino, Esq. (NJ)
2014 Recipient Debra A. Collins (NM)
2013 Recipient  Ilyce Glink      
2012 Recipient Honorable Juan Vasquez
2011 Recipient Gigi Thompson Jarvis, CAE
2010 Recipient Catherine A. Apker, CAE
2009 Recipient LeAnne "Sam" Matlick, CAE
2008 Recipients Michael Chesman,
Fumio Otaki ( Japan )
2007 Recipient Jeffery S. Trinca
2006 Recipient Robert Kerr
2005 Recipient Susan Zuber, CAE
2004 Recipient Steve Stephenson-Santa Fe Small Business Development Center
2003 Recipients LA Senator Fred Hoyt
Eul-Sool (Henry) Park, CPA
2002 Recipient HD Vest Financial Services
2001 Recipient Not Awarded
2000 Recipient Janet B. Bray, CAE

The Bill Payne Advocacy Award

In July 2010, William D. "Bill" Payne, EA passed away. The Bill Payne Advocacy Award was created in recognition of Bill's generous donation of his time and effort to the association throughout the years and his unswerving dedication to protecting the rights of EAs before Congress. This annual award recognizes an NAEA member who best exemplifies Mr. Payne's commitment to advocacy on behalf of enrolled agents.

2015 Recipient Phyllis Jo Kubey, EA (NY)
2014 Recipient Lonnie Gary, EA, USTCP (CA)
2013 Recipient Frank Degen, EA, USTCP (NY)
2012 Recipient Vicki Mulak, EA (CA)
2011 Recipient Alexander B. Thomson, EA (VA)
2010 Recipient William D. "Bill" Payne (posthumous)

The Emerging Leader Award - NEW


The “Emerging Leaders” Award is to recognize a member who shows strong promise in future NAEA leadership. They are actively engaged at NAEA or their state level and have already made an impact.
2015 Recipient Aaron Blau, EA, CPA (AZ)


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