What's your learning style and knowledge level?

How a candidate chooses to study for the Enrolled Agent (EA) Exam (or SEE) should depend upon their own learning style and knowledge level. There are a number of excellent providers of EA Exam preparation resources, including the National Association of Enrolled Agents and our state affiliates.

NAEA Online Self-Study EA Exam Preparation Course 

Unlike most programs on the market, NAEA's Online Self-Study EA Exam Preparation Course is a facilitated program featuring the support of NAEA mentors to help give you the support and confidence you need to pass the Enrolled Agent Exam. This course allows you to create your own schedule and also includes a weekly meeting with an instructor to review the material and answer your questions.

Gleim EA Review

Become an Enrolled Agent with Gleim, NAEA's Preferred EA Review Provider. Gleim EA Review integrates course materials into an easy-to-use, 3-step approach so candidates can diagnose weak areas, study from review materials written by professional educators, and apply knowledge with the largest test bank of Multiple-Choice and Focus Questions on the market. 

NAEA Calendar of Events

Check our calendar for EA Exam Review courses offered through the NAEA state affiliates.

Gleim - The most widely used EA Prep Course

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