Tax Aspects of the ACA

November 17, 2014
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Surtaxes, Health Insurance and Tax Planning under ACA This course explains in-depth the 2 new 2013 surtaxes on earned income (Medicare surtax) and unearned income (NII) and provides dozens of examples in layman's terms in addition to the technical stuff tax professionals need. Each chapter also includes special, in-depth analysis of planning actions that the taxpayer may use to reduce or even eliminate the surtaxes, the new limitations on medical deductions and the new reduction of Flex Savings plan deposits

Individual insurance mandates, penalties and credits- This book will discuss the 2014 requirements that all Americans must have health insurance. This book will start with an analysis of who is exempt from the new rule, what the penalties are for failure to obtain insurance, and planning tips on minimizing costs to taxpayers. This book will then discuss and illustrate how the individual will qualify for tax credits, how the credits will be paid and what the effect will be in troublesome situations like job change, divorce, etc. This book also includes dozens and dozens of examples, checklists and the latest IRS tables and website links.

Business Aspects of the Health Insurance Mandate- This book will provide in depth coverage of the new business requirements. This book will begin with an overview of the rules and then in Chapter 2 will discuss the small business heath care credit, with calculators, examples and a link to a video summary of the mandate which may be viewed as often as needed. This chapter will end with planning discussions for small business. Chapter 3 will analyze the "Big Business" rule. We will discuss when it applies (the 50 employee test), how it is calculated and multiple planning opportunities and traps to avoid by small business and franchise owners, including the controlled group rules. Chapter 4 will then discuss employer penalties, planning and compliance. In the absence of reasonable IRS guidance this book will provide an employer/owner road map through the maze of the employer mandates. This book also provides dozens of examples, checklists and calculators.

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