National Conference Evaluations

2012 National Conference General Survey

Level 1

Overview of Representation - Claudia Hill, EA

Introduction to Examination - Jennifer MacMillan, EA

Introduction to Criminal Investigations - Ted Sinars, JD

Non-Filers - Robert McKenzie, EA, JD

Tax Research & Resources - Claudia Hill, EA

Engagement Letters - Claudia Hill, EA

Introduction to Appeals - Robert Hartmann, EA

Introduction to Collections - David Miles, EA

Communicating with IRS & Notices - LG Brooks, EA

Representation Ethics - Kevin Huston, EA

Level 2

Catherine A. Clow, EA

Marc Dombrowski, EA

Robert Hartmann, EA

Amy King, EA

Alan Pinck, EA

Ricardo V. Rivas, EA

Donald Rosenberg, EA

Linda Wegge, EA

Level 3

Outer Limits - Ted Sinars, JD

Correcting Bad Actions of Clients - Ted Sinars, JD

Advanced Examinations - Claudia Hill, EA

Advanced Appeals - Ted Sinars, JD

Statute of Limitations - LG Brooks, EA

Advanced Criminal Tax Issues - Eric Green, JD

Advanced Collections & Bankruptcy - Howard Levy, JD

Ethical Dilemmas - Jennifer MacMillan, EA

Trust Fund Recovery - Howard Levy, JD

Graduate Level

Avoiding Ethical Violations - Robert McKenzie, EA, JD

Penalty Games:  Reducing IRS Penalties - Robert McKenzie, EA, JD

Collection Mitigation Techniques - Howard Levy, JD

Advanced Examination & Taxpayer Rights - Robert McKenzie, EA, JD

IRC 7430:  Exhausting Administrative Remedies - Claudia Hill, EA

Everything You Missed in the Last 12 Months - Eric Green, JD

Social Security Issues - Ronald Woltjer, EA

Collection Due Process Appeals - Howard Levy, JD

International Tax Disputes:  Large & Small - Hale Sheppard, JD

Advanced IRS Summons Authority & Defenses - LG Brooks, EA

Worker-Classification Disputes - Hale Sheppard, JD

Fraud & Identity Theft - Becky Chiaramida

Advanced Schedule C Audit - LG Brooks, EA


Tax Preparation Issues

Foreign Source Income - Ben Tallman, EA

All Your Headaches - Vicki Mullack, EA

Pandora's Box - Ben Tallman, EA

K-1s - Vicki Mullack, EA

Net Operating Loses - Kevin Huston, EA

Rentals, Vacation Homes & Passive Activities - C. Dale Boushley, EA

Expenses for New Businesses - Kevin Huston, EA

Foreclosures, Short Sales & Cancellation of Debt - C. Dale Boushley, EA

Estates & Trusts - Alice Orzechowski, EA, CPA

Ethics Jeopardy - Kevin Huston, EA

Understanding AMT - Alice Orzechowski, EA, CPA

Retirement Plan Issues - C. Dale Boushley, EA

Build Your Business - Kevin Huston, EA


SEE Review

SEE Review Day  - Vicki McGinn, EA, CPA

SEE Review Day  - Doug Lee, EA

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