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Tax Research Service to be Discontinued

NAEA was recently advised by H&R Block that it would be discontinuing the tax research service provided to NAEA members. This action was driven by the company’s decision to stop targeting external stakeholders for this service. In addition, the costs associated with maintaining the research service’s availability to outside users increased at a greater rate than did revenues. Access to the Standard and Extensive questions through the "Ask a tax expert" program will be discontinued after October 15, 2013, and access to the Tax Knowledge Base will be eliminated on April 15, 2014. We are currently examining alternatives to replace this benefit. NAEA gratefully acknowledges the many years of generous support H&R Block has given the association and its members by providing this service. 
Access to answers for all "Ask an Expert" questions will be available until April 15, 2014. Please print or save these answers before April 15, 2014, as they will be deleted after this date.

** Note:  Internet Explorer 10 is not supported by the Tax Research Service, and may result in an erroneous "Page Not Found" error.  If this occurs, delete your browser history and re-start Internet Explorer.  As an alternative, use Chrome or Firefox as your browser to access the Tax Research Service.**

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How it Works

  • NAEA members can search the tax knowledge database by clicking on “Find Tax Answers” which allows users to search by key word or by topic. The tax knowledge database contains over 3000 articles, compiled from frequently asked questions by other tax professionals. Access for this service will be available through April 15, 2014.

Members may sign up to receive Tax in the News, an electronic newsletter published by The Tax Institute from H & R Block. This option is available on the profile page once you log into the Tax Research Service.

NAEA’s Tax Research Service is powered by The Tax Institute. Questions about NAEA membership or this service may be directed to or 202-822-6232.

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