June 14, 2019

Washington, DC — Congress passed the first comprehensive IRS reform measure in twenty years, the Taxpayer First Act of 2019.

The National Association of Enrolled Agents (NAEA) worked closely with tax writers during the entire process and secured a number of provisions that will benefit enrolled agents and their clients. Most importantly, the bill directs IRS to issue guidance on the use of commercially available electronic signatures applications so your clients can electronically sign powers of attorney and authorization disclosure forms.

NAEA worked with tax writers to draft the language, pushed for its inclusion, and protected it through all of the various incarnations of the legislation. NAEA member advocates as recently as last month were on Capitol Hill pushing Congress for this much needed and long overdue customer service improvement.

NAEA applauds Congress for passing this legislation and looks forward to the president signing this bill into law.

The National Association of Enrolled Agents is committed to protecting, promoting, and providing for enrolled agents. It powers this profession and provides a community of excellence for enrolled agents and those who aspire to become enrolled agents. We are the only organization with this mission.

To learn more about NAEA’s advocacy work, please contact:

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