Make your voice heard where it matters.

NAEA’s political action committee (NAEA PAC) gives you a stronger voice in Washington. NAEA PAC is dedicated to advancing matters of legislative concern on behalf of enrolled agents. 

It is easy to misunderstand and underestimate the role a PAC plays in an association’s advocacy efforts. Misunderstanding frequently stems from unfamiliarity of the definition of a PAC and its responsibilities. At NAEA PAC, we want to ensure that our members are informed of this critical component of our government relations activities. 

Most importantly, a PAC is a group of individuals who voluntarily pool their resources to provide financial support for candidates for elective office who share the group’s interests and concerns about legislative issues. Any group of U.S. citizens can decide to act together by forming a PAC. By law, associations like the NAEA are prohibited from providing direct political support in the form of corporate or individual dollars to fund federal elections. For this reason, the federal and state election commissions allow PACs to be used as a means of providing individuals who share common interests a way to leverage their financial support for candidates who they support. The dollars used to fund candidate campaigns come from members, not from the organization itself. 

We are not alone. There are over 4,500 federal political action committees actively supporting elections, more than 2,000 of which represent membership and business interests like the National Association of Enrolled Agents, National Restaurant Association, National Association of Realtors, and Major League Baseball. 

Federal laws affect all of us every day, and NAEA PAC plays an essential role in advocating for our issues at the federal level, working toward positive results for tax policy, tax administration, and an enrolled agent’s right to practice. 

Member contributions to the NAEA PAC are welcome at any time and can be made online. The NAEA PAC’s disbursement decisions must be viewed through the following criteria: 

  • The legislative issues of greatest concern to EAs are generally those of tax policy and tax administration, which originate in the congressional tax-writing committees. Therefore, NAEA PAC generally limits its contributions to incumbent members of the Senate Finance Committee and the House Ways and Means Committee, with a focus on the leadership of those committees. Exceptions to this provision may be considered for non-tax writing committee members whose direct role in tax-related issues warrants NAEA PAC support. 
  • To strengthen the connection between enrolled agents who contribute to the NAEA PAC and PAC support of a specific candidate, NAEA PAC will contribute to reelection campaign committees and, except in extraordinary circumstances, refrain from supporting leadership PACs. 
  • Our goal is to use the NAEA PAC to interact directly with members of Congress, to discuss issues important to enrolled agents, to raise awareness of the profession, and to inform members of Congress about NAEA and the competency and professionalism of the enrolled agent community. Thus, to the extent possible and practical, NAEA PAC will make contributions at small gatherings rather than at large events. 
  • The NAEA PAC Board approves each NAEA PAC disbursement through a majority vote. 

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