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The National Association of Enrolled Agents proudly represents nearly 10,000 enrolled agents across the country. As part of its mission, NAEA is committed to enhancing the professional growth of our members through promotion, member support, advocacy, and tax education.

What is an enrolled agent? An enrolled agent, commonly known as an EA, is a tax practitioner who is federally licensed to represent taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for tax preparation services, tax issues, including audits, collections, and appeals.

Enrolled agents have demonstrated competence in tax matters, allowing them to represent taxpayers before the IRS. Earning the EA license proves dedication and a commitment to providing the most knowledgeable service possible for his/her clients. It is not an easy test; it requires preparation and diligence, as any licensing process should. With hard work and a little support, however, you too, can earn this prestigious license. Learn how to launch your EA career in two ways.

Introducing the Pathway to EA™ program



Road to Success

Everyone has to start somewhere. If you are looking to pursue or advance your career as an enrolled agent, the smartest way to pass the Special Enrollment Examination (SEE), also known as the EA Exam, is to take EA Review courses through Surgent.

NAEA and Surgent recently launched the Pathway to EA™ program, offering free access to Surgent EA Review Part One: Individuals, including full exclusive discounts on Premier Pass course and ReadyPASS.

The program is an opportunity for NAEA to leverage UniversityPASS, Surgent’s learning management software, to grow enrolled agent awareness at a university level.

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Why Surgent?

Surgent is NAEA’s preferred partner. It’s the best-enrolled agent exam prep course on the market. Three reasons why:

Study Less, Pass Faster
The Surgent EA Review students have a 96% pass rate— that’s 40% faster than with competitors! You’ll have exam confidence with Surgent.

Award-Winning Technology
The ReadySCORE™ feature allows you to view your estimated test score, so you can walk into an EA Exam room with peace of mind. Watch this video to learn more about Surgent’s award-winning features.

Optimized Content
All EA Review courses and materials are fully up-to-date and aligned with the IRS’s latest EA Exam content outlines.


“I like how it keeps a status report of my strengths and weaknesses. Also, that I am not wasting my time reading the material. Instead, I go through the MCQs and read the explanations on the problems I get wrong.”

– Beatriz M.

“Passed on the first try by using this course. I like the adaptive questions, which helped me focus on the areas where I needed more study time. A huge value for the price! Highly recommend!”

– Angela L.

Are you ready to start your EA journey?