Start at the top.

If you’re a finance, business, or an accounting major, you can take a fast track to being a highly trained, highly respected, highly in demand tax professional by becoming an enrolled agent. We’ve made the road to earning your EA certification a clear one with our Pathway to EA™ Program.

If you’re still in high school (or have graduated) and college isn’t in your plans, becoming an EA is a smart career choice. Just follow the Pathway to EA Program.

NAEA and Surgent EA Review have teamed up to create the Pathway to EA Program, an end-to-end initiative which provides support for today’s and tomorrow’s tax preparers to enhance their careers by earning the enrolled agent credential. This partnership encompasses access to a variety of resources including:

  • NAEA Membership – Offering tax professionals networking, educational opportunities, programs, and services.
  • Surgent EA Review– An adaptive exam review course whose students achieve 96% pass rates while actually studying 40% less than what competitor courses would require.
  • Surgent ReadyPASS– An exam diagnostic tool that helps candidates establish their baseline knowledge, inform their study plan, and take the guesswork out of exam readiness.

Learn more about the Pathway to EA Program.