What's your learning style and knowledge level?

How a candidate chooses to study for the Enrolled Agent (EA) Exam (or SEE) should depend upon their own learning style and knowledge level. There are a number of excellent providers of EA Exam preparation resources, including the National Association of Enrolled Agents and our state affiliates.

NAEA’s Pathway to EA™ Program


NAEA has partnered with Surgent EA Review, NAEA’s preferred partner, to create the Pathway to EA™ Program. Extensive courses offered by NAEA's Pathway to EA Program will help tax professionals who aspire to a higher level of professionalism to differentiate themselves from other tax professionals in the marketplace. Thanks to this initiative, Surgent EA Review will provide NAEA members who aren’t enrolled agents with free access to Surgent EA Review for Part 1 – Individuals, as well as exclusive discounts on its full course, Premier Pass. 


Premier Pass features include:

·       Over 1800 multiple choice questions

·       IRS publications built into the software

·       Video lectures

·       Unlimited course

·       Free automatic content updates

·       A pass-or-refund guarantee


All of Surgent EA Review’s prep courses are powered by A.S.A.P. Technology™, Surgent’s proprietary adaptive learning program. This software identifies your areas of comprehension across all exam content areas, and, pairing that information with real SEE grading standards, generates a hyper-customized study program that focuses you on your weaker areas of comprehension, while real-time algorithms optimize study content to ensure you’re staying on your fastest path to the finish line.


Additionally, the Pathway to EA program includes an exclusive discount on ReadyPASS, Surgent’s exam diagnostic tool. With ReadyPASS, you’ll start by taking an assessment, which includes questions pulled from all SEE content areas. Upon completion, you’ll receive your ReadySCORE™, an award-winning feature that estimates what you’d score on the SEE if you were to take it today. Additionally, you’ll receive a comprehensive Diagnostic Report, which will tell you:

  • Your best and worst performing topics—so you know exactly where you need to focus your study time. 
  • How your ReadySCORE stacks up against others who have passed the EA Exam.
  • The estimated time required to complete your studies.    

And more!

NAEA Calendar of Events

Check our calendar for EA Exam Review courses offered through the NAEA state affiliates.

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