October 2, 2013

We're on day two of the federal government shutdown. This means that IRS has executed its FY 2014 shutdown plan and furloughed more than 90 percent of its staff. 

More shutdown news is available on IRS' website, at the bottom of the landing page, under the tab "Lapse in Appropriations." The two items of note are the agency's shutdown plan (which we included in last Friday's E@lert and on Facebook) and a statement generally explaining the agency's limited operation scope during the shutdown. Please review this information. Members who have been following NAEA's coverage probably won't see anything they don't already know, but we offer the information for those of you who have not been following us closely and because it is always good to get information from the proverbial horse's mouth. 

Two things to keep in mind: 

1) IRS will not process Form 2848 (or 8821 for that matter) During the shutdown. No one will be staffing the CAF unit, so the requests will collect to be processed when the agency reopens (let's hope the CAF units have retired their thermal fax machines or the staff will return to a mound of curly faxes littering the floor).

At the same time, no enforcement action--aside from automatically generated notices--will be taken while IRS is shut down; and, EAs cannot reach anyone to discuss a taxpayer's issue.

2) IRS' shutdown plan is scoped for five (5) days. Should the shutdown last longer--and we believe a longer shutdown is more likely than not--the agency will need to reassess its plans, particularly in light of the continued issuance of automated notices and the upcoming October 15th filing extension deadline.

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