September 30, 2013

Earlier today (Monday, September 30), the U.S. Senate rejected the House’s amended continuing resolution (CR) to continue funding government operations through November 15.  The House version amended the CR by including language to delay funding for the Affordable Care Act for one year and repeal the law’s medical device tax.  FY14 begins after midnight on Tuesday, October 1.  Unless a last-minute agreement between the two chambers comes in the next few hours, the government will shut down for non-essential operations.

With a government shutdown being increasingly likely, the IRS will operate tomorrow according to its FY2014 contingency plan.  NAEA has covered the agency’s plan in the September 27 edition of E@lert and on the association’s Facebook page.   If the shutdown occurs, enrolled agents can expect IRS to operate in the same ways it has during one of its furlough days.   Only nine percent of the agency’s employees would report for work; a hundred or so employees would staff collections; a handful of workers would operate examinations; e-services would experience delays; and customer service would be closed.

NAEA continues to monitor the situation and will keep members informed as new updates develop.

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