October 16, 2013

We just got word that IRS revised its shutdown FAQs. The two new questions (at the bottom of the web page) reflect two issues we recently posted to our Facebook page, namely the 2014 PTIN renewal kickoff and the fax busy signals.

In response to the extended government shutdown, IRS has disabled many of its fax machines (which means the telephone lines will ring busy), specifically those not staffed or serviced during the appropriations lapse. The fax closure includes AUR, ACS, and CAF, as well as others, though the Service was mum on which other fax machines it disabled.

On to PTINs…

PTINs are valid for a calendar year and the renewal period typically starts on or about October 16th. Based on conversations we've had with RPO, we did not expect the window to open today (which is why we've been writing the PTIN pieces in E@lert).

Bottom line: hang tight on your PTIN renewals. We know you've got your calendars marked and want to git 'er done, but circumstances being what they are, we're all going to have to wait.

How long, you ask? We really don't know. First IRS must reopen for business as usual. That looks like it might happen sooner rather than later. But then the agency needs to assess the carnage the shutdown caused and prioritize a number of competing requests for resources.

Whenever we get more information, either with respect to 2014 PTIN renewals or with respect to IRS fax services, we'll share with you.

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