May 14, 2018


More than 100 Enrolled Agents Gather on Capitol Hill to Address Tax Issues
NAEA members seek congressional support for IRS reform, minimum standards for tax return preparers and changes to electronic signature standards

Washington, D.C., May 14, 2018 — More than 100 enrolled agents (EAs), tax professionals licensed by the Department of Treasury, from almost 40 states are meeting with lawmakers on Capitol Hill tomorrow to discuss important issues affecting taxpayers as part of an annual legislative event organized by the National Association of Enrolled Agents (NAEA).

EAs, by virtue of their federal license, may represent taxpayers before the IRS. Many provide tax planning and preparation services as well. The meetings will give enrolled agents the opportunity to make their voices heard on three important issues: ensuring adequate funding for IRS reform, establishing minimum standards for paid tax return preparers, and the need for cosponsors of the Electronic Signature Standards Act (HR 3153/S 1074). These meetings build on prior discussions between NAEA and congressional leaders, including a set of recommendations on IRS reform NAEA sent recently to members of the House Ways and Means and Senate Finance Committees.

“Congress should provide IRS clear, achievable, measurable customer service and compliance objectives, and then provide IRS with funding necessary to achieve these objectives,” said NAEA President James Adelman, EA.

In calling for cosponsors of the Electronic Signature Standards Act, NAEA members are asking Congress to require IRS to provide guidance on the use of electronic signature applications that give taxpayers the ability to grant powers-of-attorney and third party disclosure authorization to licensed tax practitioners. Both bills would make it easier for EAs, CPAs and tax attorneys to communicate directly with IRS personnel on behalf of their clients. Bipartisan support for the draft legislation is growing in both the House and Senate.

NAEA members will meet with representatives and senators from their respective states, as well as members of tax writing committees, before ending the day with a celebratory reception featuring Rep. Brian Higgins (D-NY) the Vice-Ranking Member on the House Committee on Ways and Means, and Rep. Tom Rice (R-SC).

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