August 10, 2018

Washington, DC – One hundred and two tax practitioners have earned the prestigious Fellow designation from the National Association of Enrolled Agents (NAEA), for completing the three levels of the National Tax Practice Institute™ (NTPI®). The National Tax Practice Institute™ is an advanced education program administered by NAEA and developed to sharpen the skills of enrolled practitioners at all stages of their careers.

NTPI Fellows® have completed a demanding three-part curriculum that has uniquely prepared them to effectively represent their clients before all administrative levels of the IRS. Having successfully completed coursework covering all variances of examinations, audits, collections and appeals, and having studied best practices and role-playing, Fellows know the entire representation process from both the client and IRS perspective. While earning the EA license denotes competence and the right to represent taxpayers, Fellows have made the commitment to a higher level of knowledge and excellence which further sets them apart. The course, open only to enrolled agents, CPAs and tax attorneys, was developed to prepare licensed representatives to protect their clients’ rights by disseminating the most recent information about IRS laws and procedures critical to representation.

Enrolled agents (EAs) are a diverse group of independent, federally authorized tax practitioners who have demonstrated a high level of technical competence in tax and are licensed to practice by the United States government. The only federally-authorized tax practitioners with unlimited rights of representation before the IRS, EAs advise and represent taxpayers who are being examined by the IRS, are unable to pay taxes or are trying to avoid or recover penalties. EAs also prepare tax returns for individuals, partnerships, corporations, estates, trusts and any other entities with tax-reporting requirements. Unlike tax attorneys and CPAs, who may or may not choose to specialize in taxation, all EAs specialize in taxation and are required by the federal government to maintain their professional skills with continuing professional education. Enrolled agents are “America’s Tax Experts®!”

Below are the names of the newest NTPI Fellows representing 30 states:
Danilo B. Abuan, EA
Kenyatta Ector, EA
Kimberly Normandin, EA
Elrasheed Ali, EA
Richard L. Engle, Jr., EA
Jennifer J. O’Halloran, EA
William C. Andrews, EA
Keith A Espinoza, EA
Kathleen Olsen, EA
Bernadette Antonelli, EA
Date A. Eteh-Benissan, EA
Minjoo Pack, EA
Brianna Antonelli, EA
Koby J. Ferrell, EA
Patricia A. Padgett, EA
Louis R. Avalos, EA
Denise Fisk, EA
Heather Posey, EA
Ami Avraham, CPA
Charles Forsyth, EA
Marjorie A. Purdum, EA
Tanya R. Baber, EA
Robert Gregg, Jr., EA
Melanie Quint, EA
Ryan Baer, EA
Melissa A. Guy, EA
Melissa Rainwater-Fleming, EA
Gaurav Bajaj, EA
Alden E. Hamlin, EA
Kevin Redmon, EA
Walter Hicks Bass, EA
Theresa Hamlin, EA
Barbara D. Richardson, CPA
Diane Bishop, MST, EA
Bradley R. Haney, Sr., EA
Joseph E. Riordan, EA
Alvin Anthony Bratton, JD, CPA, CFP
Sue J. Haney, EA
Donna K. Robb, EA
Stephan H. Brewer, JD, CPA
Yuliya K. Harvey, EA
Paul A. Rubin, EA
Nicole Bristol, EA
Wesley G. Houseal, EA
Sandro B. Salazar, EA
Margarita Cabanillas, EA
Kedrich Jackson, EA
Renee A. Salcedo, EA
Jonathan B. Call, EA
Patrick H. Jeffries, EA
Anthony Satterfield, EA
Candice A. Cane, EA
Vinod H. Kamdar, EA
Terrence J. Scanlan, EA
Nayo K. Carter-Gray, EA
Taylor J. Keitt, EA
Jay Shah, EA
Donnie Castleman, EA
Katherine R. Knox, EA
Cameron D. Sheldon, CPA, EA
Rosine M. Charles, EA
Shelly D. Krushensky, EA
David Churchill Sheldon, EA
Carl R. Charlot, EA
Diane M. Kuns, EA
Deana R. Simpson, EA
Daniel L. Coccia, EA
Mark J. Lawless, EA
Stephanie Smith, EA
Shelita Cole, EA
Daniel W. Leonard, CFP, EA
Leahann Snow, EA
Kristina M. Coley, EA
Wendy Lin, EA
Keith Stoller, EA
James Collins, EA
Jaclyn Lombardi, EA
Jean-Louis G. Tassart, EA
Paul E. Connors, EA
Juan J. Lopez Cisneros, EA
Carol T. Thomas, EA
Carl Coopwood, EA
Nadia Maksimov, CPA, EA
Lysander Latona Thorpe, EA
Javier V. Correa, EA
Rhonda Ann Mannes, CPA
Grace E. Trujillo, EA
Gary L. Davis, EA
Luba Milgram, EA
Joseph R. Valentine, EA
Roberto de Guzman, EA
Shannon Miller, EA
Jennifer Warffemius, EA
William F. Deighan, EA, CPA
Barbara Anna Mrozik, EA
Ingrid Wells, EA
Anteneh Dejene, EA
Cindy R. Nelson, EA
LeAnn M. Wilson, EA
Tyler R. Dix, EA
Cris Nelson, EA
Carol S. Wyckoff, EA