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Helping Aspiring and Current EAs

The NAEA Education Foundation (NAEA-EF), established in 1989, is a 501 (c) (3) charitable organization, dedicated to helping aspiring enrolled agents reach their career goals. The NAEA-EF works collaboratively with NAEA to offer Special Enrollment Exam (SEE) review and application fee scholarships, EA candidate and student mentoring, and EA career awareness.

The Education Foundation assists Enrolled Agents in maintaining their professional standing. The NAEA-EF offers scholarships making it more convenient for independent practitioners to take the CE credits required by the IRS and maintain the license governed by Circular 230.

What We Do

Scholarships.Through donations from people like you, the Foundation can offer financial support options such as the EA Special Enrollment Exam Prep Course Scholarship, the EA Special Enrollment Exam Registration Fees Scholarship, and the new National Tax Practice Institute (NTPI) – Level One Online Package Scholarship to those who wish to expand their expertise within the areas of tax preparation and IRS representation. 
Mentoring. The Foundation supports individuals already working in the accounting and tax field as well as students who are just beginning to explore their future careers and are enrolled in accounting and business courses in high schools, two- and four-year colleges, universities, and trade schools.  
Career Planning.The Foundation is committed to helping expand awareness of the EA career and the pathways to get there. Check the calendar for the next live EA Career Panel where those interested in joining the profession will hear from prospective and current EAs on their journey to becoming an EA and their current perspective now that they are on the other side.

Mission Statement

NAEA Education Foundation is an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is dedicated to supporting the lifelong learning of tax professionals.


To be recognized as the premier organization that enriches the career pathway of tax professions by promoting and supporting education in the field of taxation.


Download a copy of our bylaws here.

Strategic Plan (2020-2025)

  • Increase the strength and awareness of the Education Foundation.
  • Sustain and grow our financial resources.
  • Foster and promote the growth of the tax professional.
  • Embrace diversity.

Board of Trustees

Bill Nemeth, EA

Catherine Bostock-Hudy, EA
Immediate Past Chair

Ericka Williams, EA

Patricia Kappen, EA

Bernadette Antonelli, EA, ATA, ATP

Jim Adelman, EA

Natasha Johnson, EA
Scholarship Committee Chair

Richard Reedman, USTCP, EA, CFE

About Our Scholarships

Aspiring tax professionals must pass all three parts of a rigorous 3-part test (Special Enrollment Exam or SEE) before they can apply to be licensed by the IRS as Enrolled Agents. The NAEA Education Foundation provides scholarships to these experienced tax professionals in the form of comprehensive review courses, training material, and reimbursement of third-party Prometric testing fees. The Foundation strives to provide mentors to each aspiring tax professional who is awarded a scholarship to offer suggestions to help guide them through the Enrolled Agent process.

2023 – 2024 Scholarship Opportunities

The NAEA-EF is pleased to offer the EA Special Enrollment Exam Prep Course Scholarship and the EA Special Enrollment Exam Registration Fees Scholarship as financial support options for aspiring enrolled agents. We are also proud to introduce the new National Tax Practice Institute (NTPI) – Level One Online Package Scholarship for enrolled agents, CPAs, or tax attorneys interested in beginning their path to practicing IRS Representation. View our Spring-Summer 2023 scholarship winners.

Apply on October 1, 2023!

EA Special Enrollment Exam Prep Course Scholarship

Award: This scholarship provides free and complete access to an On Demand SEE review course. There are three options from review providers offered. An applicant can specify their first program choice, but we cannot guarantee the award will be for that specific course.

Eligibility requirements:

    • Age 18 or older
    • Eligible to work in the United States
    • No felony convictions
    • Compliance – have filed all required tax returns

Details: This scholarship is ideal for experienced tax professionals who aspire to become enrolled agents.

Application Requirements: Letter of recommendation from a Circular 230 tax professional or college/university professor.

EA Special Enrollment Exam Registration Fees Scholarship

Award: This scholarship provides financial support for the Enrolled Agent Examination testing fees. The test is three parts and there is a $206 fee per part paid at the time of scheduling.

Eligibility requirements:

    • Age 18 or older
    • Eligible to work in the United States
    • No felony convictions
    • Compliance – have filed all required tax returns
    • Have been approved to take a part of the exam and can provide documentation

Details: This scholarship is ideal for experienced tax professionals who aspire to become enrolled agents.

NEW! National Tax Practice Institute (NTPI) – Level One Online Package

Award: This scholarship provides access to Level One of NAEA’s NTPI curriculum.

Eligibility requirements:

    • Active Enrolled Agent
    • 2 years of professional experience
    • First time NTPI applicant

Details: This scholarship is ideal for experienced tax professionals who aspire to enter IRS Representation.

About NTPI: To enroll in the National Tax Practice Institute™ (NTPI®), you must be an enrolled agent, CPA, or tax attorney. Participants must finish all three levels to receive the designation.

Our Sponsors

Thank you to the generous NAEA Education Foundation Donors! Through donations from supporters like you, the NAEA-EF can make these opportunities possible. Will you give to the EAs of tomorrow?

Donations Made July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2023

Mikal Abdullah
James Adelman
Paul Aiyeyomi
Edward Alob
Ray Andazola
Kim D. Anderson
Frederic Apcar
Susan Armstrong
Mauna Arnzen
Souheil Asmar
Louis Avalos
Steven Bacetti
Shelley Barker
Maria Belden
Nuria Bermudez
Trevor Betts
Raymond Betts
Rowena Bigler
Teresa Bilsky
Daniel Blamer
Catherine Bostock-Hudy
Geri Bowman
Dmitriy Brodskiy
Mary Broussard
Alfonso Bundoc
Melissa Burke
Charlene Burkhardt
Carol Calhoon
Mary Charron
Harpreet Chawla
Lei Chen
Barbara Cochrane
Shauna Joy Collins
Deborah Conlee
Jonathan Cormier
Richard Crouse
Vincenzo Daloia
Michael Darany
Ashis Dattaray
Stephen Davis
John Dever
Mary Dickerson Bowman
Marcia Doble
Deborah Dreher
Robert Dubin
Terry Durkin
Mireya Espinoza
Gordon Ewy
Lesmine Fairweather
Aiming Feng
Connie Ferrell
Michael A. Fioritto
Kathleen Franklin
Lynda Galler
Carrie Gambill
Paul Games
Matt Gaylor
Junko Gilbert
Stephen Gilbert
Judy Gilmer
Amber Gray-Fenner
David Grosdorf
Stephen Gsell

Patrick Haggerty
Kevis Halphen
Stephanie Hamilton
Tina Hart
Dennise Haymaker
Jay Hillis
Andrew Holland
John Horell
Richard Huskey
Bradley Imsdahl
Shamim Iqbal
James Jasienski
David Jelle
Gary Jensen
Koreen Jervis
Jeffrey Johnson
Fred Joseph
Albert Juppe
Veerapandian Kalimuthu
Doric Keise
Donald Kell
Jacqueline Kempfer
David Keosaian
Yolanda Kirschner
Linda Larson
Tanzetta Lasker
Mark Lawless
Irene Lawrence
Steven Leibold
Samuel Lethcoe
Jeffrey Linders
Marie Linders
Donna Lyle
John Maffei
Daniel Magrino
Lori Manick
Mark Manning
Anita Manuel
Harry Marshall
Jeanette Martin
Maurice Mauner
John Maynard
Sandy McDowell
Gay McGreal
David McKay
Mary Mellem
Wayne Mitsunaga
Julianne Molek
Robin Molina
Henrietta Moore
Joseph Morelli
Darrell Morris
Stephen Moskaluk
Erin Motter
Robert Murphy
Diane Nagel
Karin G. Nelson
Jeanne Nelson
Bill Nemeth
Ferdinand Nwagbo
Thomas Oldis
Michael O’Leary
Joseph Orabona

Cary Oshiro
M. Patterson
Raymond Perkins
Donna Perrone
John M. Perry
Anwar Petty
Steven Pfander
Alan Pinck
Michael Porro
Jon Pryweller
Hooman Rashidi
Marc Rizzo
Donald Rosenberg
Kathlene Rosenberger
Chelsea Rustek
Linda Sandidge
Patricia Sandvik
Jerri Schmidt
Dani Schwader
Terri Tutton Sheafor
Lawrence Silverman
Eugene Simon
Diana Skocypec
Michele Slone
Angus Smith
Jeff Smyth
Joyce Snyder
Karen Stancombe
April Stewart
Winifred Stowe
Laura Strombom
Kathryn Stroy
Harold Sullivan
Mary Sunderland
Kazuhiro Suye
Ben Tallman
Sheree Thomas
Melinda Thompson
Alexander Thomson
Marcos Timana
Kathy Toms
Kathryn Tracy
Shawn Tran
Jonna Truan
James Tucciarone
Shirley Valk
Vandana Vigoureux
Teodora Villafuerte
Peter Wanco
Leonard Warden
Martin Wathen
Crystal Wheeler
Aaron Whitaker
Cherryl Whitely
Carole Whitlock
Suzanne Whitney
Lori Whittaker
Virginia M. Widmer
Ericka Williams
Elizabeth Winstedt
Robert Woodford
Ralph Wright
You Zhou
Angelica Zito

2023 – 2024 Scholarship Opportunities

To find more information on the scholarship opportunities being offered this year, click here.

What is an Enrolled Agent?

Enrolled agents (EAs) are America’s Tax Experts. They are the only federally-licensed tax practitioners who both specialize in taxation and have unlimited rights to represent taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service. Learn more about EAs here.

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