November 28, 2018

Washington, DC – Eighty-six tax practitioners just earned the prestigious Fellow designation from the National Association of Enrolled Agents (NAEA) for completing the three levels of the National Tax Practice Institute™ (NTPI®). This achievement demonstrates their dedication to protecting taxpayer rights and attests to their expertise in tax.

The National Tax Practice Institute™ is an advanced education program administered by NAEA and developed to sharpen the skills of enrolled practitioners at all stages of their careers. NTPI Fellows have completed a demanding three-part curriculum that has uniquely prepared them to effectively represent their clients before all administrative levels of the IRS. Having successfully completed coursework covering all variances of examinations, audits, collections and appeals, and having studied best practices and role-playing, Fellows know the entire representation process from both the client and IRS perspective. While earning the EA license denotes competence and the right to represent taxpayers, Fellows have made the commitment to a higher level of knowledge and excellence that further sets them apart. The course, open only to enrolled agents, CPAs and tax attorneys, was developed to prepare licensed representatives to protect their clients’ rights by disseminating the most recent information about IRS laws and procedures critical to representation.

Below are the names of the newest NTPI Fellows, representing 25 states, who were honored at an event in Orlando earlier this month:

Cedric V. Alexander, EA
Jennifer Maunu, EA
Jake Alexander, EA
Salley McCullar, EA
Patricia T. Anderson, EA
Michael D. Meyer, EA
Bryan A. Brassell, EA
Kimberle Midgley, EA
Lynne A. Bray, EA
Jim Montgomery, EA
Patti L. Burns, EA
Nichole Morales, EA
David E. Bystry, EA
Elliott Morgan, EA
Jennifer L. Cable, EA
Shirley F. Noble, EA, JD
Caitlin M. Campbell, EA
Charles S. Oliver, EA
Matthew J. Casey, EA
Diana Patterson, EA
Jorge Chabo, EA, CPA
Aleksandr Petrosyan, EA
Lisa D. Church, EA, CPA
Alex Pierre Louis, EA
LaTanya D. Cooper, EA
Alan L. Pinck, EA
Janice L. Corbett, EA
Jon R. Pryweller, EA
David Cousin, EA
Rod Rea, EA
Stephen Cromwell, CPA
Christine L. Reynolds, EA
Lisa Daughtry, EA
Andrea Aldith Richards, EA
Kesha M. Dawson Harris, EA
Juan Carlos Samaniego, EA
Blaise Elliott, EA
Carl H. Sanders Jr., EA
Harri Eloranta, EA, CPA
Jill E. Schneider, EA
Bruce E. Ermolovich Sr., EA
Carrie R. Schueler, EA
Thomas S. Gangewer, EA
Susan E. Shaffer, EA
Richard J. Gibney, EA
Margarita Slavkova, EA
Bennett D. Golden, EA
Jessica L. Smith, EA
Sean Griffith, EA
Starla M. Smith, CPA
Tina Hall, EA
Willie Lee Smith, Jr., EA
Sheila Hayward, EA
Anne Stone, EA
Marshall J. Heap, EA, PhD
Tina M. Stone, EA
John M. Hicks, CPA
Michael R. Taylor, EA
Miriam Hinton, EA, CPA
Tyrone J. Taylor, EA
Robin Rae Huntley, EA
Nancy Temples, EA
Karen Joyner, EA
William Trudell, EA
Kristine Kaplan, EA
Benjamin Underwood, EA
Joseph Klein, EA
Tanya Underwood, EA
Christine Kloski, EA
Dianna S. Voelpel, EA, CPA
Cheryl Kovitz, EA
Gary D. Whidby, CPA
Thomas Kubiak, EA
Aaron B. Whitaker, Jr., EA
Gwen Larrett, EA
James P. White, EA
Melody E. Larson, EA
Tammy Williams, EA
Jeremy Lassiter, EA
L. Knox Wimberly, EA
Eric J. Lee, EA
Derrick Winke, EA
Julio Louis, EA
Amanda Wong, EA
Izella Lui, EA
John M. Worth, EA

For the first time since the inception of NTPI in 1986, two enrolled agents were named NTPI Fellows at the graduation ceremony without officially completing all three levels of the program. Alan Pinck, EA, and Aaron Whitaker, Jr., EA, both received this honor in recognition of the more than 500 hours of tax education and training each has provided to other tax professionals through the NTPI program.

Enrolled agents (EAs) are a diverse group of independent, federally authorized tax practitioners who have demonstrated a high level of technical competence in tax and are licensed to practice by the United States government. The only federally-authorized tax practitioners with unlimited rights of representation before the IRS, EAs advise and represent taxpayers who are being examined by the IRS, are unable to pay taxes or are trying to avoid or recover penalties. EAs may prepare tax returns for individuals, partnerships, corporations, estates, trusts and any other entities with tax-reporting requirements. Unlike tax attorneys and CPAs, who may or may not choose to specialize in taxation, all EAs specialize in taxation and are required by the federal government to maintain their professional skills with continuing professional education.