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Ta Practice Management

When it comes to either taxes or practice management, NAEA is the leader in education for future ready tax professionals with classes and seminars designed by experts who can deliver the skills and knowledge you need to run and grow your practice smoothly and profitably. We offer practice management courses as well as classes in tax preparation and representation, either in-person or online, at a discount to members. 

Practice management is more important now that it has ever been. All tax preparers and EA’s should be honing their skills on new and improved ways to manage and expand their practices in order to stay relevant and competitive in the ever-growing tax market.  

Learn more about how to run your tax business from A to Z. Courses will include how to start and build a successful tax business, learning all about accounting for tax pros and which tax software to buy. You can also learn how to streamline your workplace to be more efficient and writing the best data security plan and cybersecurity plan to IRS requirements.