Before attending the NAEA Summer Series, be sure to read through these tools & tips to make the most out of your experience. 

Tools and Tips for Attendees 

  • Download the guide to learn more about how to locate your online courses and materials. 
  • Download this guide on how to participate in a zoom meeting.  

Equipment and Materials 

Test Your Equipment in Advance 

  • Please test and check your system at least 30 minutes prior to event. This includes your network connection, device battery life, and speakers. 
  • We recommend you use a computer or a tablet for the best experience. The system is not responsive on a cell phone. 
  • We recommend you download the Zoom Client to your desktop. Some features are not accessible on the browser version. 
  • Make sure you log-on to your NAEA account and go to the CE Portal from there to access the Forum. 

Control Your Environment as Best You Can 

  • Mute other devices that might interfere with your computer audio. 
  • Create a learning-conducive environment, eliminating as many distractions as possible. Close out of other tabs and mute notifications, if possible. 
  • Prepare your space with anything you may need during the virtual program (appropriate chargers, note-taking materials, water, etc.). 

Troubleshooting Technical Difficulties 

  • The webinar technology runs on higher bandwidth. Please know that some WiFi connections may be spotty. 
  • Some networks cause slides to advance more slowly than others. If your slides are behind or you are having audio issues, please try to refresh the page. 
  • If you have trouble with accessing your account, contact NAEA IT or Membership at or 

Engagement Through the Chat Feature 

  • Take note of how the presenter intends to utilize the chat feature as well as the Q&A field. Participate in questions and polls to stay engaged with the session. 
  • Questions for the presenters can be submitted through the Q&A function. Chat can also be a great way to engage and connect with other attendees. 

Make the Most of Your NAEA Summer Series Experience 

  • Turn your camera and mic on during the breakouts!  
  • These are interactive breakout sessions where you can work through case studies, forms, and learnings with your peers.  
  • Get the most out of the experience by actively participating in the breakout sessions!  


If you require special accommodations please email to receive instructions on accessing.