Enrolled agents have demonstrated competence in tax matters, allowing them to represent taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service. Earning the EA license proves dedication and a commitment to providing the most knowledgeable service possible for his/her clients. It is not an easy test; it requires preparation and diligence, as any licensing process should. With hard work and a little support, however, you, too, can earn this prestigious license.

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Prior to taking the SEE in 1991 I had never prepared a tax return for a fee. I was intrigued by the opportunity to add professional credibility to my educational qualifications. I find that having a federal license is invaluable as it allows me to work with clients who live anywhere in the US. Tax preparation and consulting is never boring because client situations are so unique; I particularly enjoy the challenge of representing clients before the IRS. Becoming an EA provided personal and professional opportunities I never imagined possible.
Sherrill L. Gregory Trovato, MBA, MST, EA, USTCP; Fountain Valley, CA

I passed the SEE in September, 2000, and received my Certificate of Enrollment in September, 2001. It was with great PRIDE that I published my accomplishment in the local newspaper, promptly stating that I was “licensed to practice before the Internal Revenue Service”. Becoming an EA was one of the best things that I have done, for myself, as well as my practice!
Gina D Jones, EA; Delhi, LA

Need more information regarding enrolled agents? Contact the National Association of Enrolled Agents at 202-822-NAEA (6232) or info@naea.org; visit the Internal Revenue Service website at www.irs.gov or www.prometric.com/irs, or contact the Enrolled Practitioner Program Unit in Detroit Computing Center at 313-234-1280 or EPP@irs.gov.