Tax TechnologyThe National Association of Enrolled Agents’ (NAEA) Tax Technology for Today’s Professionals is the tax professional’s definitive guide to understanding the technology trends disrupting the tax, accounting, and finance industries.

It’s time to start asking the tough questions: How do you adapt your business to blockchain technology? Should you (or your clients) adapt blockchain technology into your business operations? Which crypto tax tools will enhance your business’s success? How can tax technology keep pace with changes instituted by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) and the South Dakota v. Wayfair, Inc. ruling? And how does all of this affect your work as a tax professional?

Whether or not you consider yourself a tax technologist, the recent year’s tax law changes (be it federal income tax, state income and franchise, or state sales and use taxes), has rapidly altered the playing field. Packed with overviews, analysis, and real-world examples, Tax Technology for Today’s Professionals is your window into the shifting tax technology landscape. This book provides information on a variety of areas affected by tax technology such as accounts payable, indirect and/or direct tax tasks, IRS operations, peer-to-peer digital transactions, the de minimis rule and the 2018 Token Taxonomy Act, cryptocurrency tax tools, and helps you

  • Learn how artificial intelligence transforms finance teams.
  • Determine how to use technology to drive tax business processes.
  • Create a (nearly) paperless office with cloud technology.
  • Understand why the most common tax-related application programming interfaces (APIs) usage within the private sector involves sales and use tax situs and rate look-ups.
  • Master the best practices for filing crypto tax returns.
  • Learn how robotic process automation relieves staff of repetitive tasks, increases the usability of data, and boosts efficiencies.
  • Consider how cryptocurrency taxation trends impact daily business.
  • Recognize the role of the integrated tax lifecycle.

Tax professionals, particularly in the wake of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, are hard-pressed to keep up with the technical tax changes around them, far from keeping up with tax-adjacent technology. Written by expert tax practitioners, Tax Technology for Today’s Professionals presents practical information to bring you up to speed on the latest innovations in tax technology plus 10 hours of continuing education credits.

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