Washington, D.C. – May 4, 2022 – The National Association of Enrolled Agents (NAEA) today released a white paper outlining a series of reforms for putting service back into the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

“The Internal Revenue Service touches more U.S. citizens than any other federal department or agency and is the face of the federal government,” said David Tolleth, NAEA president. “Enrolled agents increasingly are expressing the view that the quality of taxpayer and practitioner service within the agency has deteriorated to an unacceptable level.”

Tolleth further stated that the time to address our nation’s tax administration system is now.

“Reform should be comprehensive and include all aspects of the agency,” Tolleth said. “Above all, taxpayer rights and taxpayer service should drive the conversation.”

NAEA believes a transformation and modernization effort is needed to truly address the challenges facing the IRS. Such an effort begins with the acknowledgement that taxpayer service encompasses nearly all the agency’s external-facing functions. Too often, policymakers and IRS create a false choice between providing service and assuring compliance.

“Taxpayers have the right to quality service and the right to representation,” said Megan Killian, Executive Vice President. “NAEA looks forward to working with Congress to reform the Internal Revenue Service, and we stand ready to assist with implementation of these important proposals.”

NAEA’s white paper includes the following recommendations for IRS reform:

Workforce Reform

An organization’s culture produces its results. The IRS needs to have a dialogue centered on its values and its approach to providing service to the public. Clear and consistent training is an essential element in moving the IRS towards a service orientation.

IRS Budget Reform, Measures, and Electronic Filing

Funding for the IRS has not kept pace with the rapid expansion of its workload over the last several decades. The agency has not been in control of much of its staffing for years and presently faces demographics that should concern all.

Congress should provide clear, measurable objectives for the IRS in taxpayer service, electronic filing, and enforcement.

Online Solutions for Practitioners

The fastest and most efficient means of decreasing wait times on the Practitioner Priority Service phone line is to provide robust applications through the online Tax Pro Accounts. If the agency could provide three online solutions, we believe they could drive as much as 75 percent of the phone traffic to the internet.

Practitioner Reforms

Over half the time a tax return is filed, or a taxpayer responds to an IRS compliance, a tax professional is representing the taxpayer. Congress and the IRS need to recognize the importance to the tax administration system of having competent and ethical professionals.


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