Past Issues

Each issue contains a test that qualifies for either two or four hours of continuing education (CE) and which consists of questions based on tax-related content in the issue’s feature articles. The EA Journal CE test can be taken conveniently online. CE credits may be earned up to 18 months after the publication of the issue. To take the CE test, register here.

Click here to access past issues of the EA Journal from 2009 to 2017.


May/June 2020 EA Journal
March/April 2020 EA Journal
January/February 2020 EA Journal
November/December 2019 EA Journal
September/October 2019 EA Journal
July/August 2019 EA Journal
May/June 2019 EA Journal
March/April 2019 EA Journal
January/February 2019 EA Journal
November/December 2018 EA Journal
September/October 2018 EA Journal
July/August 2018 EA Journal
May/June 2018 EA Journal
March/April 2018 EA Journal
January/February 2018 EA Journal

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